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Your home is exposed to many risks, take action to protect it!

Your home is exposed to more risks than you think. Failure to ensure your home assets or its structure exposes you at any time to lose everything.

Bring your home all the protection you need. At West Holiday Insurance, we will provide you an insurance policy with comprehensive coverage that adapts to your needs and your budget and allows you to have peace of mind knowing you will be protected over unwanted events like a flood, fire, explosion, or if your home is visited by criminals who steal or damage your property.


Comprehensive property and asset protection.

Coverage &

Flexibility to choose the optional coverages you want.


Optional coverages for plumbing, electricity, locksmith services.

What risks does the Home Insurance policy cover?

The price of our policies will depend on the plan you choose, and will depend on that best suits your needs and budget.
Flood, fire, explosion.
Damages caused by smoke or water when extinguishing a fire.
Damages as a result of pipe breakage.
Assets theft, glass breakage.
Damages caused to third parties.
Glass breakage, and more.

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