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Wide coverage to protect your business against multiple events

Our commercial insurance policies put in your hands the possibility of coverage under the same contract, all those risks in which your industry, business, store, office, or medical office can be immersed. In addition, we offer you great flexibility in contracting, with the possibility of choice optional coverage according to your protection needs and budget.


Buildings, benefactions, furniture, merchandise.

Coverage &

Wide coverage to protect your business against multiple events.


Professional giving an outstanding company assistance service.

What risks does our Insurance policy cover?

Our insurance protects your business against adversities inherent to its operation as well as those caused by nature, including other additional coverage necessary for the protection of your assets.

Fire, lightning, or lightning.
Explosion, whether it causes a fire or not.
Impact of aircraft, satellites, rockets, or other aerial devices or of the objects detached from them.
Hurricane, gale, tempest, storms, tornado, cyclone.
Impact of land vehicles.

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