Health & Life Insurance Agency in Hialeah, FL


Comprehensive coverage according to the selected plan

It is time for you to take a Health or Life Policy, which will keep you covered with protection plans that can be adapted to your budget. We offer comprehensive coverage according to the selected plan for hospitals, clinics, and medical consults.

On the other hand, at West Holiday Insurance we offer a protection insurance policy that allows and guarantees to the insured, the payment of the contracted capital to their beneficiaries after death.


Payment guarantee of hired capital to beneficiaries.

Coverage &

Comprehensive coverage in hospitals, clinics, and medical consultations.


Quick response times and immediate assistance.

What risks does our Insurance policy cover?

Expenses compensation covered for hospitalization, surgery or medical treatment received by each insured included in the policy, for each illness or health consequences due to an accident.
Medical assistance
Dental Service
Ophthalmological Service
Dermatological Service
Full payment guarantee of hired capital to beneficiaries in case of death.

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