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Designed to protect companies and professionals

This insurance policy was created to protect you from situations and events that can not be foreseen or controlled by your actions and cause damage to third parties that must be compensated. On a daily basis, we are exposed to a number of risks that in some cases, can not be avoided. If in some of our actions cause damages to third parties, you could be affected in your patrimony and your tranquility, because it is necessary to compensate the people involved, either for a physical, moral, or goods damages.


You can safely practice your profession with financial support.

Coverage &

Compensation up to the limit agreed in the insurance policy.


Protection against unwanted events or involuntary actions.

What risks does the Insurance policy cover?

This insurance policy aims to deal with personal and material damages and as a consequence of involuntary actions that, by mistake or omission, you may have caused to others.
Accidental water, explosion or fire damage.
Injuries or own mistakes, or committed by people for whom you must legally represent, in the exercise of their professional activity.
Work accidents.

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